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Phone:    202-902-3270

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Here is a brief outline of what to expect from our two day clinics




  • Reveal a horse’s inner beauty.

  • Reduce stress & Increase Performance.

  • Learn how to recognize the efforts made by your horse to avoid frustration & miscomprehension.

  • Learn easy & effective techniques to help your horse overcome their fears

  • Rehabilitate horses held back by cognitive or physical issues.

  • Move your horses using body language & bring them effortlessly to accomplish the most difficult exercises.

  • Develop techniques to work with your horse all year long, even during inclement weather or short time availability.  

  • Learn how to give space to horses & give them the opportunity to express themselves freely. 

  • Give yourself and your aging horse, the gift of new horizons.

  • Surpass your approach with horses and explore limitless possibilities.

When you work with a Cavalia Clinician, you’re not just drawing on their individual knowledge but on the wealth of knowledge held by all show trainers past, and present. It’s different than working with a standard clinician 

We are exchanging tips with the best of the best in every discipline year after year. Cavalia draws not just the best in the USA and Australia - they draw the best in the world.

Julien Beaugnon Clinics are two days to ensure both rider and horse have time to acquire our methods and philosophy.

We are proud of the efficiency and quality of our services we provide.

JB believes every rider is capable of building a long standing connection of trust with their horse.

Our method is intended to liberate horse and rider from miscommunication for life.

That’s why we offer a lifetime commitment to provide future feedback and support to all riders who have attended Julien Beaugnon Clinics.

We offer the opportunity to any JB student to inquire through our website personal advise and support from Julien on how to continue the work and achieve the highest level of connection and trust with their horse.

Reaching goals to make room for new ones. It’s our lifetime passion with a lifetime promise.