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Julien Beaugnon was born on in June 1986 in Soissons, France. He grew up riding and living with horses. 

​It's with Horse-Ball, a strong family tradition, that Julien experiences riding in front of large crowds for the first time. He will excel in the sport being awarded the France Championship, Captain of the Pasly Horse Association Horse Ball Junior Team, the youngest player to be granted such award within the Elite level.  His sights would then be set on new challenges in Jumping and Events.

​After graduating from college in 2002, he was invited to participate as a Stunt and fill-in actor for movies under the direction of the stunt master George Branch ( "Jean de la Fontaine", "La Pompadour", "Il Ne Faut Jurer de Rien"). Passionate about riding and drawn to the world of show business, that same year, he began performing in the international theme park "La Mer de Sable" (Ermenonville, France). Where he earned his diploma of Physical & Equestrian Stunts delivered by the Cascadeur & Assoc. in 2006.  He continued with the show through 2008 learning Trick Riding, Stunts, Roman Riding, Acting and discovers his life long passion for "Freedom Work and Ride"

Julien continued to pursue the equestrian stage participating in the 2006 Salon du Cheval (Paris), and working as a freelance equestrian artist and horse trainer in various companies such as Cheval Spectacle, Cow-Prod, La Lantern Magic, and Disney Land, Paris.

​In 2008 Julien was contacted by the prestigious and internationally renowned show Cavalia. He left France to join the tour and stayed with the company for 8 years. It's during this time that Julien will create and develop his own technique and approach in "Freedom/Liberty".

​As one of the few official horse trainers in Cavalia, he traveled all over the world from Los Angeles to Beijing passing through Sydney and Dubai, over 15 countries and countless major cities. He trained a large number of horses and works with many of them on stage in front a 2000 person audience, dedicated to keeping the horses interested and fresh, never bored and forced. Behind the scenes, he had the opportunity to share his methods with his coworkers. Developing teaching styles for all levels, beginners to advance riders. 

​Driven by his hunger for learning, he dedicates himself to daily dressage lessons while on tour. Even pursuing his commitment to riding in between cities participating in clinics with famously reputable dressage riders. (Paulo Galiza, Carlos Perreira, Michel Henriquet, Catherinne Durant...).

December 2017 Julien joined the prestigious show Apasionata for them European tour.

​Now based in the United States along the East Coast, Julien continues to hold clinics and master-classes from coast to coast. Sharing his experience and knowledge, there is no doubt that Julien Beaugnon is a new incontestable character in the American equestrian scene.