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Liberty is not a small value discipline. Trust and Communication should be part of our horsemanship journey from the beginning. It is time for the equestrian scene to recognize the connection between horses and riders as a major element in terms of safety, quality, success and achievement. 

We respect and consider each horse as an individual without prejudice of breed, origin, age or discipline. We uphold the belief that Liberty can help every rider and horse to establish and sustain a long, fulfilling relationship, even during times of hardship brought on by injuries, rehabilitation, trama, and inevitable age.



Liberty's Ground Work allows horses and riders who choose, or cope with the reality of no longer riding, to maintain and enjoy a vibrant partnership as they continue to work side by side.

Our mission is to help riders and horses to work in a better harmony. 

Develop willingness, without sacrificing respect and perfomance. 

We want to prove that by developing the bond between the horses and their riders, we can help to increase level and efficiency for both.

Creating a better communication has been proven to reduce stress and increase stamina while creating a more secure and more inclined to evolution 


During the last 15 years we demonstrate that our technique can help in every discipline: Show, Jumping, Events, Race, Dressage, Trick Riding, Roman Riding, Liberty... but also in every day routines: stall duty, hand handling,  ferrer work, transportation or any kind of interaction you can possibly imagine. 

We take pride in the number of horses and riders we have already helped from different origins and levels all over the world. 


If you feel you are ready to pass to the next step in your relationship with your horse, contact us and we will be happy to assit you.