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"Thoroughly enjoyed Julien's clinic! He explains as he goes and makes sure that you understand what you are asking of your horse. His compassion, knowledge and ability with horses makes learning with your horse not only fun, but incredibly rewarding".


"Great clinic with Julien Beaugnon he taught us all so very much about working in respect with our horses."


"AAES Clinic with Julien Beaugnon. Nancy and her boy Yinx. So impressed by what you both accomplished with the experience and expertise of Julien!"


"Julien is fantastic! Not only is he very talented, but he is also able to teach what he knows so that anybody, in any discipline, can learn to connect with their horse better. If you have a chance to take a clinic, or a lesson with Julien Beaugnon, do not miss it!!!!"

Catherine Wycoff

I spent the weekend in Bend auditing a liberty clinic by Cavalia trainer Julien Beaugnon. It was so enlightening in so many ways. Since I have decided to go down this path with Traveler, I have read, looked at videos, and learned a few techniques. But to be present with a humble and great trainer is truly inspiring. 

I absorbed everything I could and it reinforced that my initial instincts were good in my rudimentary training. His compassion and calmness is a mirror to the horsemanship of Kim Ewalt and I am grateful to have these amazing opportunities to forge a deeper bond with my horses and to make new connections with like minded people. I am excited to follow this path and to see where it takes me.

I just audited a clinic with Julien which consisted of many different types of horses. His quiet mastery improved each horse giving absolutely clear information to both horse and human. He is a lovely person anyone would be fortunate to work with.