Leesburg VA 20176


Phone:    202-902-3270

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Julien Beaugnon Equestrian

"This will be the chance for you and your horse to learn how to train for and accomplish the behaviors you see done in Cavalia show from their former trainer." 

Horse Talk Magazine

When you work with a Cavalia Clinician, you’re not just drawing on their individual knowledge but on the wealth of knowledge held by all show trainers past, and present. It’s different than working with a standard clinician 

We are exchanging tips with the best of the best in every discipline year after year. Cavalia draws not just the best in the USA and Australia - they draw the best in the world.


Julien Beaugnon has developed a personal and effective method of working with your horse. Stemming from Cavalia’s foundational influence - everything must be for the love and respect of the horse. 


He upholds and challenges the efficacy of his principles by sharing his secrets and hard earned lessons with the world. Improving the life of horses one by one.

So, you know you and your horse will be in good hands here.